Saturday, December 4, 2010


I found this picture this week along with other stuff from my student days. I have a few paintings old and new to photograph and post. This I thought would be good for a post called reflections. But in fact I'm not sure I'm reflecting now. Really I'm thinking of what to do next. What to do with my painting, my free time, my life, what is left of my evening.

This is me, from the knees down, in the bathtub of my youth. I spent a lot of hours there, observing the still water with its pale aqua color (not shown here), and the remarkable reflection that appeared to double the number of my toes.


  1. That is a perfect reflection photo! I'm also reflecting on a lot of things in my life and where I am headed and the fact that I have no idea where the future is headed.

    I really like that photo.

  2. What a reflective photograph, in many ways. I understand. Who doesn't? When your life was supposed to go that way, but ends up going this way, but maybe another way? Sitting quiet and still, as in a bathtub, can help you quiet your mind to "hear" what's next. If only we are wise enough to understand.....

  3. The toes are an awesome reflection! I loved the bath when I was young - I would submerge myself on a very cold winter day and stay in there for over an hour. I remember reading chapters of Gone With the Wind in the tub. I certainly hope painting is in your plans for the future - I love your paintings above this post. Very well done!