Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Past

From the time I was in my teens up until my thirties, I made Christmas cards every year. I'd do a design and then get several printed and mail them to friends near and far. I didn't stop when I had children, but it became more sporadic, in fact rather rare. Also, I had an interfaith family, which called for interfaith holiday cards. That wasn't too big a challenge. There are consistent themes of peace, light, miracles, and the enormous abundant generosity of God. Or I could do a collage with pictures of my beautiful children and the pets. It wasn't so much that children took up all my time; I think it was just that my holiday celebration priorities changed. Being Santa Claus was a very challenging job. These are a couple of old card designs, on slightly yellowed paper. I may try to find some more of these. I have a suspicion about where they are. These two are among my favorites. Sometimes when I look older artwork of mine, I'm struck by the difference between then and now. I think I may be a more proficient draftsman; I'm certain my materials are better. But the old stuff seems more imaginative, more creative. I think the reason may be that I've needed to become much more practical and all the extra capacity that requires of my brain has pushed my imagination out of the way. I'm going to try to exercise my imagination more. I'm not sure how to exercise an imagination, so let me know if you have any ideas.


  1. wow..

    love it
    love you
    this is inspiration for Christmas, and more

  2. Thanks for your comment on my own Blog, Barbara!
    I like this Christmas post & your blog. Luv what I see here!

  3. Great cards..enjoyed them.

    exercising imagination ...hmmm...seems like every time I get in warm water, thoughts flood in of creative ideas.

  4. Great cards Barbara. You inspire me to do the same, perhaps next year.

    As far as exercising imagination - I googled it, and there is a ton of links for suggestions, ideas & plain old "how-to's". Even out on YouTube. I recall the book The Artists Way also spending time with the topic. Explore, I think you will find lot's of info, but imagination can't follow an instruction - it's finding the inspiration, I think, that is the trick.