Sunday, December 5, 2010

In a Canyon

The painting conditions were good yesterday. Mostly it was cool and still, with moments where the wind picked up and bit my bare hands and made idle threats of rain. It was a California Art Club paint-out and I also directed my small group of Saturday painters to Eaton Canyon. I met new painters - new to me that is; I'm sure some of them have been painting for a long time. It was a fine time. By the way, if any of my art blogger friends want to paint out with me, because you are close by or stopping through the Los Angeles/Pasadena, CA area on a Saturday, let me know. How great would that be?

I painted a scene with a sycamore tree and rocks. I go back and forth on this painting. I think it has some good technique, but also some obvious blunders. It's challenging to paint layers of trees and shrubs and grasses. Shapes are amorphous and colors undifferentiated. I'm going to spend some time looking at successful watercolor landscapes for new ideas on how to attack it. I'm also going to go back to using the oils sometimes, having completed my oil painting class. More on that later.


  1. I love your painting. Some day when life eases up and I'm in my new place wherever that might be, I might take you up on that!

  2. I kind of sense a free spirit from this composition Barbara! Lovely.. I wish I could take your offer but I am far away.. so very far!

  3. I really enjoy Eaton Canyon and would have loved to join the group last Saturday but there were so many things going on I just couldn't. Too bad... It would have been nice to paint with you.

    I recognize those rocks. I always find rocks difficult and those you painted are definitely like the ones at Eaton Canyon... Nice job.
    I probably even recognize the sycamore! My girlfriend, Sharon Weaver, painted it one time when we were there painting together.

    Hope to meet you out painting sometime.

  4. lovely, light and colorful. beautiful.