Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pomegranate and More

My fourth class with Timothy Tien, placing me at mid-term. This was an easier still life, since Tim didn't bring the blue bottle that was going to be the challenge. The pomegranate was challenging enough. It has an odd but interesting shape and difficult coloring - bright here and muted there. It has to compete for attention with a couple of bright yellow lemons.

I learned again the importance of backgrounds to still life paintings. The color of the background should bring the objects forward; the background will define their edges. It should compliment, but not distract. It shouldn't be too big an unbroken shape, but it shouldn't be choppy. This background is remarkably similar to the background used in school portraits.

And I got to paint a little brown jug.


  1. How fun, to take a class. I hope to someday... but I still have an almost 3 year old in the house. I went through quite a bit of your blog, and I must compliment you on your bug paintings. I think they are outstanding. Are you planning on a summer art show or something? I also really liked your sketches from... was it Korea?

  2. to answer your question... it was Korea.

    I love the little brown jug, it's making me pick up the trumpet and play through the solo again

  3. Margaret, thank you for visiting. Painting classes are wonderful, but so are 3 year olds. One of the reasons for all my painting is to keep me from missing my grown up children too much. I do hope to have a bug show, but the planning has gone only as far as creating a series of paintings. And, yes, Korea. Joey, can't wait to hear you play.