Saturday, November 13, 2010

La Laguna

If I had done a better job of painting this, if I had not belabored the dappled shadows, you still might have trouble figuring out what this is. It is just possibly the best playground ever. Art in concrete by Benjamin Dominguez, circa 1965. There are several play structures, in the form of sea creatures, sea monsters, a lighthouse and sinking ship all adrift in a vast sea of sand and imagination. You can climb on everything, and there are many slides. I didn't slide but I did climb to the highest point. If you need to find this (of course you do,) it is located in Vincent Lugo Park in San Gabriel, California. I'm not crazy about my painting, but I have no regrets about my time spent in the presence of sunlight and happy children.


  1. What a magical place! My children would absolutely be thrilled to play at a place like this (and so would I, being the type to climb, swing, and slide instead of languishing on a bench watching the fun had by others!) I really like this painting. The colors really attracted me and the abstract shapes and shadows really hold my attention. Thanks for the insight and vacation suggestion!

  2. I like the minimal view of a bigger perspective here, and also the blues.. grabs attention of the viewer!

  3. Thanks Paula and Padmaja. The blue is nice I guess. Considering how much of the world is blue, I probably don't use nearly enough blue paint.