Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moreton Bay Fig Tree

Right next to the library, there's this wonderful tree. It casts deep shade, and has laid its generous roots above the ground. Little children make circles around the tree, jumping from root to root. Older people, but not too old, may find a comfortable seat on the roots to read a newly borrowed book, or to drink coffee from the shop across Diamond.

This tree is also the meeting place for the annual California Art Club/South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce paint out. This was my third South Pasadena paint out, but the first time I painted the moreton bay fig. Like a room in my house, this painting is a little cluttered. There are spots I like very much, and spots the irritate the heck out of me. Most of my paintings are like that. This is a 12x18 watercolor.


  1. Barbara, I love this painting. It's great to see paintings of every day places that every day people can enjoy. Your highlights are great and your shadows are perfect. There's nothing bugging me about this at all!

    I can picture a wonderful picnic going on beneath that tree, birds chirping, children laughing, and the smell of books wafting by.

  2. Each tree tells a story to me every time I stop by to enjoy it. That is an inspiration to paint! This is a lovely piece Barbara, I love the loose style.

  3. Wonderful old tree. And the photos below - love the tees - the roots, the limbs. Stunning, really. And of course the pink lily. You can never go wrong with a lily pond.

  4. To me that tree is perfect! I've been having a love affair lately with trees, trunk textures, shapes. I call them Van Gogh trees. Yours is great.