Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eddie's Market

I sat under a tree in Grant Park in Pasadena, and looked across the street and painted Eddie's Market. I looked forward to a sandwich from Eddie's, but they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. I peeked in the window, and the inside appears to have changed a bit over the years. I hope they still have Samuel Smith Pale Ale in the cooler. I should mention that Eddie's Market isn't as crooked as I have depicted.


  1. It's so fun for me to see somewhat local places (considering I'm not really that far).

    Nice job and not my own, but when others' do crooked buildings I like it. Not I just have to say it's okay when I do them.

    Pale Ale..yum...

    Iam going to have a mangotini after dinner I think. I've been seeing the botle of Mango mix in the refrig...for days.. whoops I mean apple.

    My fave is Mango.

  2. That looks really cool, so free and loose, nice job Barbara, probably they would love to own this piece :-)