Friday, July 9, 2010

Slow to Post

I was going to blame the computer for my failure to update the blog, but I realized I haven't finished any new paintings anyhow. So this evening, instead of buying frames at the Aaron Brothers 1 cent sale, or hearing free Armenian music at Leavitt Pavilion, I will paint. But first this. A not-great, but my-best-so-far picture of a spider web. Martian-looking ivy flower buds. A passion-fruit with all its seeds neatly removed and eaten.

Then, a Beautiful Blogger award, which was generously given by Angela and Margaret, two of my newest artist blogger friends. I am really pleased and honored to get the award. Yet, as somebody who has never passed along a chain letter, I'm insecure about passing on the award. Yet, if I appreciate the award, might not someone else? Yet, while I comment on some of my favorite blogs, I'm more of a silent stalker on others, and wish to keep it that way. In the spirit of compromise, or perhaps as a cheat, I've decided to do this. I'll tell you ten true facts about myself. Then I'll call your attention to the list of blogs I follow on my profile page. There aren't all that many of them, and they cover a rather wide range of, well, everything. I urge you to look at them. If a blog is there, I consider it a Beautiful Blog. If you find your own blog there, and you don't already have an award, you deserve one, and I hereby give it to you.

1. My favorite color is green, although I prefer some things in blue or yellow.
2. I don't carry an umbrella in the rain.
3. Two of my favorite foods are sushi and brownies with walnuts.
4. I have only ever had (and still have) one cell phone.
5. I wish everybody would stop drinking bottled water except in places where the water is genuinely unsafe.
6. I'd like to open a pub someday with live Irish music.
7. I've never had a pedicure.
8. I like to find heart-shaped rocks.
9. I'm very wobbly on a bicycle.
10.I don't care for mid-century furniture and disco music.


  1. Barbara, congrats on the award!

    Lovely pics, I would paint the empty passion inside out, varnish and use as a vase, isnt that a good idea:-)

  2. Oh My Goodness you are quite an interesting person. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bottled water - who would have thought this would actually take off & make a ton of money? And I have had two pedicures in my life and LOVED them. I highly recommend. I like your "solution" to passing on the award - it was hard for me to pick just 10.

  4. I enjoyed reading those ten things about you.

    I can relate to a few. I've never had a pedicure either but I have no desire to try sushi.

    I haven't ridden a bicycle in years.

  5. The photograph of the spider web is so fantastic - it already has the qualities of a painting. I love the softness of your Chinatown watercolor. I thought that I was still on that post, but guess I got so intriqued by reading your blog that I did not realized that I had moved to the next one!