Thursday, July 22, 2010

Outside the Box

At this point it's all the computer's fault. Although I suppose I may have unwittingly caused the computer problems. I'm not using the home computer at the moment. I'm tired of wrestling with it. Without warning, I can't access any number of sites, or functions within sites; I've lost my ability (intermittently) to edit photos and to post to the blog. Some of my best comments are lost in the ether. When things do work, it takes at least three tries. I'm sure the trouble isn't forever. There will be computer service or a different computer, or something.

If you were wondering, that's what's going on. The painting above is a tiny fragment of my painting last Saturday at Monrovia Canyon; I did intend to crop off some of it, but not the full ninety-five percent. I'm including it anyway. It seems to fit with the theme.

This other picture was a collaborative effort of Alice Lee, Georgia DeBeers, Karen Kiefer, and me, conducted (music analogy) by Roderick Smith. The theme was mission, which explains, in part, some of the overtly religious imagery. It's huge by the way, like around 4x8 feet. It was an interesting and instructive experience. Artists should reach. I'll be back soon, I hope, with plenty of pictures.


  1. Outside the box is so vibrant and full of color. LOVE IT.

  2. If you didnt tell me that it was a cropped portion, I wouldnt have known, because it is beautiful with a completeness to it, makes a nice abstract, I really liked it a lot!

  3. Love the paintings...the crop ....beautiful. Computer problems, ...I went a whole year unable to post photos from my laptop because of a nasty trojan that took out functions. Finally gave my husband my computer a few months back and said to blow the whole thing out and reinstall stuff which he did. Nice having it work again.

  4. this is fantastic! Chagall.

    interesting what comes up in collaborations!