Saturday, June 19, 2010

And life goes on

I think I've never before seen a bee quite so frosted in pollen as this one.

Several months ago, our neighbor cut back her cactus. Her driveway was piled high with trimmings to which we were welcome. We moved several to our driveway. My husband donned gloves and potted cactus cuttings, one of which has moved on to its new home. He didn't pot the long piece, because it had a high center of gravity and needed a bigger pot. It lay in our driveway getting a little yellower, until a week ago it sprouted a bud, and then two nights ago, in the dark, it put forth a glorious bloom. It seems so brave, I think I have to plant it now.


  1. Amazing photography! Would like to see if you plant it and it how it does!

  2. A good get photographically.