Saturday, June 30, 2018

Not Counting

I'm a little obsessive compulsive.  I know better than to talk lightly of mental illness. I can handle a reasonable amount of mess, clutter and dirt, but sometimes I just need things to be straight.  Pictures must hang level and yoga mats must align.  I count.  When I'm waiting for someone, I count cars or people that pass.  I count to fall asleep sometimes.  I count while I water my plants.  I've intentionally lost count of somethings, like how many lovers I had.  How much I ate.

I've been going out and painting for a few years now.  Since early 2010.  Almost every week.  So?  More than 400 paint outs?  A lot of painters.  A lot of places.  Not too many miles.  Less than 10,000 hours.  No regrets.  Some paintings.


  1. Love the paintings - I like how in the bottom one - a normal scene, something that most wouldn't think of to paint - very ordinary but you made it beautiful. By the way I count also - It's rarely I can take a walk around the lake without counting the steps. The only thing that can stop that is if I find something shiny - I'm like a crow. I'm obsessive also. If I find something I like then I have to buy several of different colors in case I can't find anything like it again.