Monday, May 14, 2018


I'm still posting paintings that I painted a year ago, because I slowed way down on posting to the blog, and meanwhile I've picked up my painting pace.  The reality is that I may never catch up, even if (as I have,) I skip some of the paintings. I thought the next painting up was a different painting of the Colorado Bridge.  I've painted said bridge two or more times since I painted the image shown here.  Catch up?  Who am I fooling?  There is no obligation here, and not even much of a method.  Since I had whole other ideas about what I was going to say about the other view of the bridge, I have nothing planned to say.  

In that vacuum, I'll offer my most important life observations.  Here.  The most important decision you make is choosing who you listen to.  It's a noisy world with 7.6 million opinions.  The people you listen to will guide your values, your beliefs, your tastes, your actions and your experience. Your parents, your news sources, your friends, your teachers, your spiritual leaders - those people.  Your choice.  The other observation is that things pass.  Some of the most precious and rare things and people and moments you encounter in your life may seem quite ordinary.  And they may seem like they will always be around and always be the same.  It's okay that things change and pass.  That's just the way of time.  What I would suggest as a hedge against time is only to live deeply and completely in the present.  Capture those moments in all their vividness with all your senses.  That's what I know.  

Here are photos of a scruffy mockingbird and a prickly heart.  


  1. The painting is lovely. :) You're very right with your observations. One's life is about choice. If not physically, at least mentally. I choose to listen to nobody but myself and the people I love and cherish. Otherwise it's all garbage!

  2. I really like this one! I usually choose to listen to my own opinions and other times when I listen to others it can be helpful but most of the time i like what I have to say;)