Saturday, May 2, 2015


Nine or ten months ago, I painted at Singer Park.  It was an exceedingly lovely day, if I remember.  There was something nice about the people there, and not just the people I was painting with.  There were little kids there, I think, whose mother had just had a baby in the nearby hospital.  I put a person in my painting, and I think it's probably my best painted person  The proportions are nice, and there appears to be some walking momentum.  This is a fairly big painting, and after I painted it, I painted another.  

I still haven't learned who or what Singer Park is named for.  I'd like to know.  Singer must have been or done something special to have the park named thus, but if nobody knows what, then it's pretty meaningless.  We might as well call it Park Near the Freeway, or Park With Nice Restrooms.  I think I'll find out eventually.  After years of wondering, I just finally found the house where Guy Rose was from.  I'm going to see if there is something to paint there.      In the meantime, here's the second painting.  
Finally, I found a thirty day drawing challenge.  Thirty days seemed like a modest enough commitment.  So here's my day one drawing.  


  1. The looseness in approach and the flowing colors are beautiful Barbara!

  2. I see you have a touch of Mr Watercolor's palette. And I love the treatment of the picket fence (or the suggestion of it). They're both beautiful. Glad you pulled them up for May.

    As to the 30 day challenge - I'm ready to bale after day six. Painting envelopes for challenge #7? I don't know....(she says under her breath).

  3. I remember that was a lovely day for painting. Both of your pieces turned out great!