Friday, April 10, 2015

Stepping Stones

For awhile I was painting on this oblong rough-textured watercolor paper.  I bought it, I remember, at a big sale, when all the more typical paper selections had sold out.  The paper ended up working so nicely that I used it all up and have been looking for more.

This was painted at the Self-Realization Fellowship International Headquarters.  It is a beautiful peaceful little chip of Los Angeles, with gardens in which to quietly reflect.  It is so peaceful that watercolor painting seems almost disruptive.  But who cares?

There are bonsai trees with large weights on the branches.  There are benches in the shade.  There are stepping stones.  Stepping stones are like life; at least they are more like life than stairs or pathways.

I was trying to think what might be the opposite of self-realization.  I came up with self-befuddlement.  I almost used that for the title of the post, but finally decided that might reveal too much about my feelings.
I hope people make their way back to my neglected blog.  I could use somebody to talk to.  


  1. These are what I call 'waterfall' dimensions. It's perfect for an oriental feel. And I can see that by your Japanese Black Pine - which you've defined with perfection. This is really a nice little painting. So simple (dare I say zen) in your approach.

    Welcome back to self-befuddlementville!!!

  2. i like it - yes kind of zen to me.

  3. Love the composition in this - the thumbnail caught my eye. The grasses compliment the stepping stones. Yes, I agree, kind of zen

  4. Wonderful, calming foreground feel leading up to the tree. And I love your thoughts on stepping stones.