Saturday, October 11, 2014

Island in the Street

Chelton Way is a South Pasadena landmark.  It is a quiet residential street.  It used to be, in my time, distinguished by a giant oak tree growing in the middle of it.  But despite very heroic efforts to save the tree in the first place when the road was built around it, the oak tree eventually died.  Or probably just came close enough to dying to pose a big danger.  There's a large planted area in the middle of Chelton Way that is shown in the foreground of this painting.  I can't remember if this is where the oak tree was; I think the oak tree was a bit further north where the big Chelon Way sign is.  Anyway, there are more nice trees growing in the middle of Chelton Way.   This was painted in early June, when it was overcast in the morning, and the promise of summer still stretched ahead.


  1. Don't think I ever saw that tree. I had Chelton confused with another street that comes off Monterey road. It has trees in the middle of the street too but is blocked off by gates. Only the residents have access to.

    My favorite part of this painting is the street lamp. BTW what happened to yesterdays mistresspiece? I found maybe three (at most) acceptable parts in my stab at plain air

    1. The gated road is Camden Court. This is very close to the SPSM YMCA.

  2. very soft and subtle - so pretty. I would enjoy walking in various areas of Pasadena - might have to do that this fall or winter. my in laws lived off of ....well darn - it was past Baldwin, past Rosemead just above Rosemead in the hills north of the 210. Been years since I have been in that area.

  3. Love the overcast look, I can really feel the weather for the day, nice work Barbara!

  4. What a majestic giant, you painted the bark really well, a beautiful painting with a great depth to it !