Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Eat Prey Love

I haven't posted nature photos for a good long while.  After I figured out the macro setting on the point & shoot and established a totally organic garden and suburban ecosystem, I joyfully documented the bugs in my yard.  But after a while, the images didn't seem like anything new.  I think because I am a human it is difficult for me to perceive the differences that distinguish one individual paper wasp (for instance) from another.

But things happen in the world of bugs.  The whole circle of life unfolds every season among the flowers.  Sometimes I see it.  Warning:  if you are disturbed by the gritty reality of nature, you might not care for these pictures.  

mating mantids; the female has eaten the head of the male

preying mantis eating a monarch butterfly

green lynx spider guarding egg sac soon after laying eggs  

newly hatched green lynx spiders


  1. It now occurs to me that every Preying Mantis I've seen was a green male. Thank you for not posting the post coital ending.

    The ittsy bittsy spiders are making my skin crawl.

  2. love the green spider - also preying mantis are so cool - it reminded me of some close up photos i got of them several years ago - may have to reblog them on my nature blog.

    that spider is coooooolllllllll.