Sunday, March 25, 2012

Technology and Nature

I went to paint at Cal Tech today, but I forgot something to paint on. Arguably, one could paint on just about anything, but I didn't. I took some photos and notes and painted later at home. Not before I walked around and took dozens of pictures.
I took quite a few pictures of this beautiful egret that was fishing for food in some pools. It was not bothered by me.

And I was quite enamored with its white feathers and yellow feet.

Then I noticed this big silent bullfrog

Finally, I noticed this: a bit beaten up by a lawnmower,but still a four leaf clover. I didn't pick it. No reason to press my luck.


  1. Barbara, these are beautiful images! The egret is beautiful with it's fluffy white feathers; great focus on those! And, I love the frog; what a cool find and a great capture. I've wandered around your blog a little and I love your paintings. I love the softness of them! Beautiful work!!

  2. Wow that is pretty cool macro shots!

  3. Hi there - what great shots. The four leafed clover looks a bit weather beaten - maybe a bit of the luck has already been used up!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  4. Cathy, Kim and Stewart: Thank you for taking the time away from your own beautiful photography to have a look.

  5. this one i really like. It's the bark of the trees and how you cropped them

  6. love the frog and all the photos! Luck is with you I see.