Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This is part in honor of the year of the dragon, and part an attempt at to paint something taken more from imagination than, say, a real dragon. The form of this dragon is loosely inspired by an old Japanese woodcut. The color is inspired by sun conures (really beautiful little parrots.) I'd like to say more about dragons, but I'm fairly ignorant of the subject. It could use a story.


  1. that would make a great illustration. I like the way you chose the blue wavering forms in the background.

    btw: there is going to be a bloggers of the San Gabriel valley gathering this Saturday the 24th at Farnsdale Park in Altadena; the Bloggers' annual Primavera potluck and meet-up. I think it starts around 11 and goes to 3. Hope to see you there!

  2. Ack. I neglected proof-reading and stuck in an extra preposition. Well, as Mr. Sesma used to say, prepositions are like your socks.

    An illustration perhaps, or body art - where so many dragons wind up these days.

    Blogger potluck would be a new and interesting experience for me. Farnsworth?