Monday, February 13, 2012

This is probably the best known thing that I live close to. I think the Rose Bowl was named for the Rose Parade, because there are no roses around the Rose Bowl. There are palm trees and eucalyptus. The stadium is home to a New Year's Day college football game. It is UCLA's home field. Things besides college football happen there too. I saw a World Cup game in 1994. There are concerts. July 4th fireworks. High school graduations. There is a huge flea market the second Sunday of each month. This was painted the day before the flea market, so it's all decked out with its signs and banners. There's a bit of remodeling going on; you can see a crane.

I'm not too mad for this. It's a busy painting. There's an awful lot going on. I really think I like the gloomy sky best. Although I did intentionally spatter a bit of bright paint on it to kind of add to the festive chaotic feel.


  1. I like the bright festive look you achieved. Nice work.

  2. It's fine. You do wonderful palm trees and that bowl is a tricky subject. If you go to the east side of the bowl you'll find roses. I like to pick them - me bad

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  3. Well, there is a colorful chaotic feel to it, and I like that very much, because it is a very happy painting !