Saturday, February 25, 2012


As I may or may not have mentioned, I'm not too much of a church-goer at this time in my life. This church, Holy Family, is as close to being my church as any church I guess. They send me collection envelopes. You'll probably find me here on Christmas and Easter. I remember taking one of my reluctant sons to church here week after week, and he would complain about how long an hour is. And I'd say, look around at all the wonderful things God has done for you, and an hour a week just doesn't seem like much to give. But I feel slightly less certain now, about God, and what we can give God. And how long an hour is. Many of us go through these changes. I think there is ultimate and absolute truth, and we cannot know what it is. I think faith is a marvelous and powerful thing that doesn't necessarily reflect truth. This is obvious; people believe different things.

I think churches are beautiful. I love buildings, and there's nothing more lovely than a building built to honor the creator of us all.

I'm reasonably happy with the painting. It's a little smaller, and small paintings go much more quickly. I thought it looked a little washed out, like somebody had already hung it in the sun for several years.


  1. All we can give is love all around, probably thats what makes us close to God, strangely I did feel the very same thoughts today.
    There is a serene feel to this painting, very apt for the subject, I liked it very much Barbara!

  2. It's a lovely church, and you did it beautifully. Whatever we believe or don't believe, ....nobody actually knows what comes next, so...