Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Landmark

First of all, happy New Year. There's no particularly good explanation for my protracted absence from blogging, and I'm not feeling quite clever enough to invent one. I also took a short hiatus from weekly plein air painting and from work, and the fragile structure that defines my life crumbled. Not in a bad way. I slept in and ate sweets and the time got away from me.

I painted at St. Luke's hospital. I could have been born there. Most of my elementary school classmates were. Instead I was born at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital because my parents lived in the Hollywood Hills until I was three. My children weren't born there either, and now St. Luke's is shuttered and nobody is being born there. I'm not sure what the present plans are for this wonderful property. There was a bit of landscape maintenance going on in the parking lot, and the City was storing some Rose Parade litter.

This morning was extremely foggy when I started painting and less so when I finished. As a result the painting is somewhat schizophrenic - hazy and muted in some parts and bright and contrasty in others. You may not have noticed that. You may have only realized that there was something wrong with the painting. Well, no matter. I spent a nice morning outdoors and I'm back at it.


  1. Happy new year, Barbara - glad you found your way back to your easel - I enjoy seeing your paintings and photos of my old stomping grounds; but I'm happy that you had a nice break, too. Sweets and sleep aren't too shabby a way to spend the winter break.

  2. When I first looked at the painting without reading the post, I thought it probably is a foggy day out there! I liked this effect you got here..sleep does wonders when one needs a break :-)

  3. Wonderful yo see the progression from photo to painting.
    I am disappointed though: when I saw the boxes I assumed it was in your home and that your degree of [un]tidiness matched mine :-)