Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here's a recent indoor painting. Generous friends shared their haul of delicious fuyu persimmons. I think because I'd painted persimmons in class last year, they called to me, not only to eat them, but to paint them too. I got the color much more saturated than my typical slightly faded looking watercolors. I recalled other lessons of oil painting as well: attention to values, contrasts, sparing but bold brushstrokes. They look a little like they're teetering on an abyss. I think the eating was a greater success than the painting. I ate at least one persimmon almost daily for more than a month I think. I shared a few. But the truth is few people like persimmons as much as I. I'm glad I didn't waste any, but I'm sad that they're all gone. I considered purchasing some at the market, but they're priced at bit beyond my fruit budget. Please think of me if you ever have more persimmons than you can use.


  1. I like your complementary colors, they are vibrants.
    I love persimmons, too.Right yesterday, a friend of mine came for lunch and brought us 4 delicious ones.It's quite new for me, I have known them for this winter, some people in the neighbourhood have "kaki" trees , and we can find on the market for 3€/kg.
    I was wondering where is your living place, but I didn't find it, on your profile.
    Barbara, thank you for your nice comment on my blog, and have a Happy Christmas with all of yours!

  2. Sorry, I found it!South Pasadena, so I suppose you have a lot of fruits, overthere!

  3. I like persimmons, although I can't recall ever seeing a red one. Is this persimmons season??

  4. Beautiful color. Love your persimmons.

  5. Barbara, we are direct concurrents, I just love them ! Received a big basket of them from a friend, and as they were maturing quite quickly, I was eating one or two, sometimes three a beat this one :-)) And of course I love your painting, gives me some many good memories:-) xx