Saturday, December 10, 2011

Arlington Garden

Beautiful day today. I'm glad I was out painting rather than shopping. At Arlington Garden, the citrus trees were heavy, and any windstorm damage had been lovingly cleared away. Exotic flowers were blooming and lizards were basking. Dogs and people were getting some exercise.

Once there was a enormous house here at Arlington and Orange Grove. The mansion wasn't torn down until 1961, by which time I was four and living in the area. How on earth did I miss it?

I also meant to note that instead of photographing my paintings laying flat in bright shade as I usually do, this was photographed upright in sunlight. The color washed out a bit, but is much more true, and you see the texture of the paper as well.


  1. I love watercolor painting and you do it well. I went to school with you. A couple of years behind but I remember you and I took an art class together with either Mrs Coultess - Mrs Brouchard or Miss Popavitch. You were very good then.

    Later I believe we dated the same fellow (he was a bookseller)

  2. Thank you. Huh. Small world eh? I think I remember once seeing the most beautiful photo of airstream trailers on your blog. I envied that photo. I'll have to visit more often.

  3. Yes, the Airstream. Trying to remember what context I used it in