Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Vista

Here is the view I painted last Saturday from Vista Hermosa Park. It wasn't really this smoggy; I played up the haze to try to tone down the buildings in the distance and it didn't entirely work.

Among the buildings shown here are 333 S. Beaudry, formerly the Security Pacific Beaudry Center, where I worked for a few years, but not for Security Pacific. It's the one on the far right. The white building in the middle housed the now defunct Pacific Stock exchange trading floor. Right behind it is the Hotel Bonaventure. The tallest building in the picture and in Los Angeles is the U.S. Bank Tower, formerly the Library Tower. The middle ground buildings are Department of Water and Power. The green structure is part of the Edward Roybal Learning Center.

Anyway, it's a very cool view, especially when it's clear. I found evidence that another painter had been here before, which I knew. A stripe of thalo green paint on a plant.


  1. Very nice! Wish I could paint like that, you did great!

  2. It's an interesting painting, like a civilized ocean. Did you leave a strip of color too?

  3. Yesterday I also wrote about The Vista!
    And, congrats - ck your email?