Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Light and shade

Last Saturday I painted at Maranatha High School, formerly Ambassador College. I found a shady spot on the Del Mar side and looked across the street to this nice front yard. My predictions for the trajectory of the sun were incorrect, and I ran out of shade pretty quickly. But I liked what I was painting, and I painted on.

Ambassador College had a pretty interesting history, of which I'm only peripherally aware. I must confess my favorite years were the years, and there were several, when it stood vacant and unused, yet nevertheless beautifully gardened. Like the most marvelous secret park for the initiated few. I don't know too much about Maranatha High School. It is a private Christian school that used to be somewhere else.

I think this is kind of a cool painting. I think I'm making some progress on getting my colors and values more intense, and appropriately simplifying stone walls. Lines are a bit of a problem area; somebody suggested that lines should be avoided in paintings - not edges, but lines. I can see that, although it couldn't be a hard and fast rule.

The woman from the house said she was flattered I was painting her house, and she asked me to let her know if it turned out well. I wasn't sure what she would think was well, or how she would have me let her know. I do have the address.


  1. You could drop a photo of the finished painting through her letterbox? It looks good, and is beautifully framed by the tree.

  2. So you went to paint Maranatha HS & ended up painting a house instead?

    Maranatha used to be next door in Sierra Madre.

  3. how lovely. so inviting, i want to see more of it!

  4. It feels special when one paints your home and may be you can think of gifting the painting to the woman,it looks very cheerful.