Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Turn

Some months ago, I mentioned to my blog's biggest fan that I'd considered making a separate blog for rants. Everybody wants to rant sometimes, right? I'm a picture person though, so the blog would have to have pictures, and I didn't know what. How about pictures of bottles of your favorite beers? he said. In some odd way, it made sense. But I thought little more of it. Then one afternoon, I was at the Altadena Ale House on the patio. The sun shone on the remains of a happy hour. I took pictures. Weeks later, with nothing to paint, I committed the images to watercolor. Now here are my rants.

I don't really care what you believe, unless you insist on believing in a selfish, egotistical, narrow-minded God. That is wrong.

Don't be wasteful. Don't acquire or consume things you don't need or want. Don't dispose of things that are still good and useful.

Take personal responsibility. Change your own ways. Don't assume that the world's problems will be solved for you.

Keep your sense of perspective. There may be concerns that are more important and more pressing than yours.

Be aware of your surroundings. Take in the beauty. Notice what is missing. Be mindful of the dangers. Move with care. Be thoughtful of the others.

Be quiet. There's much too much noise and talk. Wait until you have something to say that adds something. Meanwhile, just think and breathe and listen.

Crap. That's not very rant-like. Oh well. Perhaps another time.


  1. true, not a rant, but valuable insights nonetheless! great advice! thank you for sharing these!

    and i absolutely LOVE the painting..beautifully done.

  2. Crap- the closest to a swear I've seen here.
    Well said.. I especially like the part about the quietness.

  3. It is lovely subject that is on my agenda as well, very neat and crisp!