Sunday, June 26, 2011

Downtown Los Angeles

Last week, I painted at Angel's Nook, a tiny little pocket park in downtown L.A. right next to Angel's Flight, a tiny little funicular railway. My painting turned out to be a complete waste of paper. In fact, I think I'll use the back to test colors. I saved the day by shopping at Grand Central Market. Grand Central Market opened in 1917 to serve the population's need for fresh produce and other foods. It has remained, I imagine, pretty much unchanged since that time. I purchased as much fresh produce as I could carry - two arm-straining bags of peppers, avocados, bananas, cherries, cucumbers, green onions and more - for $5.42.

After the fact, I painted a view from the lot where I parked to paint and shop. It's pretty simplified, which is a good thing, yet I think you can still recognized the Los Angeles City Hall and the Los Angeles Times buildings.

I've been a little light on blogging lately. It seems better, at least for now, to concern myself with quality rather than quantity. In almost all things.

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  1. Blog lightly, but regularly, is fine and a must for your art!