Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sierra Madre

I hope this is just a stage that my painting is going through, and I'm on the brink of a breakthrough. For now, just another failed painting. I painted this at Bailey Canyon Park. I was pretty enthusiastic about my subject. I'm been wanting to paint our mountains - that particular regional variety of rugged mountains with scrubby growth and the most beautiful contours and colors and textures. I also liked the flowering and almost flowering foreground. I may have lacked commitment to the middle ground.

What do we do with our failed paintings? Do we try to save the paper by soaking it or painting on the back. Do we burn them so they'll never show up to embarrass us? Do we cut them into small pieces to use as bookmarks and gift cards? Do we give them away to people kind enough to tell us they aren't all that bad? Do we save them to measure our progress?


  1. too harsh on yourself for anyone to comment, than I will.. it's not too bad. maybe I need to look harder.. I listed you amongst my favorite painters today.

  2. Generally I'll try to learn whatever from the "failing", then toss it, and move on.

    But this one is not a failure!