Thursday, January 27, 2011

L A Art Show

Here is a link to images of the art.

This art show is HUGE. It takes over four hours to walk through on a single pass. There is every kind of visual art. You could literally touch paintings by Renior, Bouguereau, Corot, Gainsborough, Lichtenstein, Wendt, Henri. Why heck, if you had the requisite funds, you could take them home. You can photograph them, you can pluck them off the wall for a better look. No stuffy museum, this. On the other hand, it doesn't provide the optimal viewing experience you might have at a gallery. But seriously, how many galleries can you visit? Because there are all these artworks under the same roof, you can see what really moves you. Do you respond to abstraction, black & white, photo realism, symbolism, thick paint? While a painter's inspiration can come from many corners of the universe or mind, it's great to see what others have done with paint.

Here are two photographs I took right outside the art show - one on the way in and one on the way out. There are not a lot of things that can lure me indoors on a weekend.


  1. The palm trees and their corresponding shadows are artwork enough. Good for you for recognizing and sharing that with us!

  2. I need to go to this some time.