Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Honey Bee

Could I possibly sing praises that would do justice to bees? I've attempted to paint their praises. Bees provide critical pollination which enables our food to grow. And if that isn't enough, they make sweet honey and beeswax too. There is quite possibly nothing better than a bee. I am fortunate to have a garden that is full of them. They love the blooms on the lime tree, the pear tree, the roses, the passion vine, and the milkweed (shown here.) I love their stripes and their warm summer day buzz. I love my fruit and my flowers. I might want to think that my flowers smell sweet for my pleasure, but really it's all for the bees.


  1. Again, so thoughtful of making the bee as the hero of the story, lovely Barbara!

  2. Its great how the detail is so surreal, because a painting/picture is after-all meant to capture a glimpse of time. Rarely does a bee get caught by us humans (minus apiaries), usually by the time we catch a bee it has already caught us. I can almost imagine the background is a ginormous camellia flower too (but maybe that's because I read an article about the camellias that grow exclusively on the island where Tabasco's peppers grow.

  3. Dear Barbara,
    I love this painting. Very charming and interesting composition. Please keep up!
    Kind regards, Sadami