Monday, July 7, 2014

Sanchez Adobe

So a few weeks ago, I painted at the Sanchez Adobe.  A few weeks before that, I didn't know there was a Sanchez Adobe.  I wasn't at all familiar with its Montebello home, although it is but a few miles away.  I still don't know too much about the Sanchez Adobe.  Apparently it was one of the really early residences in this vicinity in the early to middle part of the 19th Century.  There are actual Sanchez family members who are buried onsite.  There is also a living rabbit.

The painting kind of grew on me.  That post at the corner of the pergola is just so anywhere.


  1. I found out about it because (many moons ago) I was a finalist for a metro line and I used the adobe with it's history as subject matter. You probably also don't know that your near the original location of the first area mission. The San Gabriel Mission was the replacement.

  2. btw - the brown wash hills in the background are perfection

  3. I've never heard of it either - i like the painting a lot.