Monday, December 9, 2013

Where did November go?

I've been losing the strangest things lately - like the Christmas lights and the little travel journal sketchbook thingy I brought to Italy.  The latter I was going to use as the basis of this post.  As I sought to explain "lonely and awkward" to the uninitiated, my very raw and unedited scribbles of my awkward and lonely thoughts illustrated with some crappy little pen drawings would help.  But it isn't to be.  I replaced the Christmas lights tonight.  Buying new ones may just bring the old ones out of hiding.

The painting here is my last Saturday painting before I left the country.  It may be the pinnacle of my former quirky style of painting.  I can't quite shake the stuff I learned in the workshop.  I wouldn't want to unlearn it, but it would be nice to use it at will, or at will paint something more like this instead.  I kind of trust it will sort itself out as long as I keep on painting some way or other.    

This is in Sierra Madre Canyon.  It turned out not to be my best day, but it could have been much worse.  I'll say no more about it.  


  1. Sometimes not committing your "lonely and awkward" moments to the forever page of the pixel, is something in the future you might NOT feel awkward and embarrassed about having done....

    I was in the canyon the other day. The crampness and the constant traffic may have led you to take a position behind that bush on the right. I kind of like it in the composition. I hope you don't loose this look for a more polished appearance.

  2. another beauty - about every three or four years i tell my husband i want to go to Sierra Madre Canyon and drive around. I love it there. Such a quaint area.