Monday, September 17, 2012


I've painted and posted the Old Mill in San Marino a couple of times before, here and here.  This time I felt compelled to paint a different view, and so I painted the back.  I suppose I also need to come up with something else to say about it.  I've reviewed the Old Mill's good website and the Wikipedia entry, as well as the Yelp reviews.  If you are planning a visit, I suggest you do that too.  There isn't much there in the way of interpretive displays.  What I love about the Old Mill is that the admission is free, and it's kind of quiet and hard to find, and you could just park yourself on any of a number of nice shady benches and inhale history and nature.  If you went a couple of weeks from now, the thousands of huge pomegranates would be ripe.  The Old Mill has been the Old Mill since 1823 when a new mill was built next to Mission San Gabriel. 


  1. Hello Barbara. Very beautiful painting, I love the movement of your brush!
    I also saw your 2 previous paintings of the Old Mill and one thing I can say for sure; the place really inspires you for you done a wonderful job to all of them!!
    Warm regards.

  2. Barbara, what is the shape coming from the side of the building?

    1. It seems to be structural support for the corner of the building. Perhaps a buttress? Kind of a faceted cone shape. I think they probably should have painted it the same color as the walls, but I didn't either.