Monday, July 23, 2012

Fork In It

You know how much I like the Coffee Gallery Backstage.  The wizard behind the Backstage is Bob Stane.  And this is a picture of Bob Stane's fork.  Bob dreamed of giant piece of flatware placed at an actual fork in the road.  His friends made it happen.  It is Pasadena's quirkiest public artwork, found between Pasadena Avenue and St. John, south of Bellefontaine and the snooty tea shop.  The fork stands, ever poised, as kind of a tribute to light-hardheartedness, and flatware, and dreams.  

My painting is nearly as busy as Pasadena Avenue.  It really wasn't quite finished, but here you have it. 


  1. You are brave to try and paint that particular traffic nightmare. The reason the fork is so effective, is that it didn't have to go through (heaven forbid) a Pasadena art committee. Getting humor through an art committee - well, it requires bucket loads of good humor on the part of the artist.

    and I like the painting

    and I don't like that snooty tea place (that charged a group of five, forty bucks apiece to sip in their unconditioned establishment.)


    1. I remember reading about your brilliant ideas for the ARTS bus, so you know of what you speak.

      The tea place person was rude to me and my adorable nieces so I wrote snotty online reviews. One more reason to love the internet: the affordability of revenge.

  2. Love the painting and i'd like to see this in person.

    We now live in Wrightwood and I have been so busy moving in, I haven't blogged much or visited blogs lately. Feels nice catching up here