Monday, June 18, 2012


Things change over time.  Sometimes things disappear altogether.  Sometimes only the names change.  I painted at what used to be known as Oak Grove Park in the town that used to be known as La Canada.  I love the name Hahamongna Watershed Park; it is both authentic and descriptive.  I walked south toward the dam, and chatted up a birdwatcher who mentioned a nest of Cooper's hawks and the dam keeper.  There's a dam keeper?  What a great job title - better than a catcher in the rye to my thinking.

I walked back to the busier part of the park to paint the view of the mountains which were shrouded in a light haze which put painting them in reach of my capabilities.  I stood in some harsh sunlight, but not in the path of the disc golfers.  Remind me to tell you sometime about my sunscreen, because it is the absolute best.

The best thing about my visit to Hahamongna (which rhymes with conga, not bologna) was the presence of wildlife.  It was late in the morning and hot and noisy.  Nonetheless, I saw a terrific big rabbit, and followed it down the road a ways.   Every one of my footsteps stirred a lizard.  There were lots of  little tiny frogs or toads which I remember we used to find in that vicinity when I was about eight or nine, but back then frogs and toads were all over the place and I hardly ever see them anymore.  Not far from where I painted, almost the whole time I painted, a great blue heron stood in the sand.  I suspect it might have been eating little frogs or toads, but that seemed good too.  I'll be back soon, and  I'm hoping things don't change.   



  1. I've been in that area many times - but unlike you, I'm moving fast. Maybe just sitting in one place, I'd be afforded an experience I've otherwise not had. I like that idea.

    btw: are you familiar with the Highland Park Ave 50 gallery life drawing class? it's Tuesday nights from 7-10 12 bucks benches supplied.

    Love your painting. I understand what you mean about the misty day working for you. The chapperel is just gorgeous. perfect economy of brush work

  2. I think the whole appeal of plein air painting was the opportunity just to BE outside, although I've largely given up hiking, which was my previous weekend pasttime, to do it.

    I know of the Ave 50 gallery life drawing, only because regular life drawing has been one of my resolutions for a couple of years, so I've looked into all the local opportunities. Have not yet actually been and done, but plan to, any day, when I can get my act a little more together.