Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It's nice to get away once in a while.  I visited my son in Santa Cruz and painted in his yard.  Mostly we didn't stay in the yard, but we got out and saw lots of wonderful things.   On Sunday, there was splintered sunlight.


  1. It is really nice that you got to visit your son and also took time to paint.. nice view!
    I liked the pair of feet showing up amidst the flowers.. but not able to figure out how you took this pic:-)

  2. Thank you Padmaja. It was nice. I liked the feet picture too. It is just as we saw it. As we walked a little further, we saw that there was a complete woman lying in the sun. The hillside with the ice plant is slightly terraced, and it think that's why only the feet show.

  3. love the solstice shot

    I'm about ready for a get away myself but I'm thinking it's not going to happen to soon