Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nature Park

I painted today at the South Pasadena Woodland and Wildlife Park, which is commonly known as the Nature Park, even by it's primary caregivers. It was pretty hot this morning, and I almost can't imagine what fall feels like. Other than evenings and the crunch of an apple. The painting is nothing to brag about. Anything that is lovely in the painting was probably lovelier in the world. I did turn the fall color up a notch, in a bit of wishful thinking.

Here is fairly satisfactory photograph of a spiderweb. The web was huge and well lit. I didn't see the spider. I did see some wildlife at the nature park, including a heron, mallard ducks, several lizards and some butterflies. But I'm not much good at photographing moving things.

The jimson weed was about my speed.


  1. The addition of fall colours have made the scene very beautiful and enjoyable Barbara and the spider web..amazingly well caught!

  2. I beg to differ, that is a beautiful painting! Love the photos too. Spiderwebs are hard to capture and you did great.

  3. I think your painting is absolutely lovely :)
    and what a COOL Web!