Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pigeons in the Park

I'm pretty happy with my life-sized rendering of a pair of pigeons showing a little affection. I like pigeons a lot. You've probably heard this before. I like their plumpness, their iridescence, and their soft cooing sounds. I like that they hang around downtown and on windowsills. And how they are in my front yard but won't visit the back.

Remember Bert on Sesame Street? He was also a big fan of pigeons. As between Bert and Ernie, I'd prefer to think I was more like Ernie. Ernie is the creative one, the inventive and adventurous one. Ernie is a dreamer and he is warm and expressive. Most important, Ernie has the voice of Jim Henson, who is one of my all-time heroes. But I have to admit I'm more like Bert. Bert is quirky and uptight and maybe even a little whiny. But you know he's okay, because he likes pigeons and he's Ernie's best friend and he always joins in before the song is done.


  1. I love this. I've never cared for pigeons too much because they're a nuisance in my neighborhood at home, but these pigeons look lovely. Also, I enjoyed the Bert and Ernie reference; they were always my favorite characters on Sesame St.

  2. That is a lovely moment you caught Barbara.. about 35 of them come to my water pond everyday to drink water.. a neighborhood cat ate one of them making them hesitate to come to the pond..a sad day for me.

  3. Beautiful moment. I love pigeons, too, though around these parts we call them doves. Same thing, really. They line up in dozens along our back fence waiting their turn to eat the discarded seeds from the finch feeder. The squirrels always polish off the bird feed we leave out for the doves. I love squirrels, another one of those critters most people despise. With their cute faces, fluffy tails, inquisitive nature, and acrobatic skills, what's not to love about a squirrel?