Friday, April 29, 2011

Follow Your Bliss

This was painted for the Calypso Moon Artist Movement challenge, Art in Music. It took me quite a lot of consideration to pick the music and an image. I wanted to pick some slightly obscure music that you probably haven't heard, in the hope of giving you something new to like. The inspiration is Po' Girl's song, Follow Your Bliss. It's roots music with lyrics that say something. The painting is in a slightly primitive style in gouache on watercolor. There's a line in the song referring to that wonderful fact about stars - they are so far away from us that by the time we see them they might be gone. I think moths are sad and beautiful in the same way as distant stars. They are fragile and short-lived. Some even have no mouths. They don't eat; all they do is seek a mate. Nobody knows for certain why moths fly toward light. Theories are that it guides them in their navigation and brings them toward a place of safety or other moths. Perhaps it is because the light is beautiful and brings joy to the moths. Follow your bliss sums up a philosophy of doing the thing that you love, and harmony, success or whatever you need will derive from that. Painters mostly get that. Musicians get it too. Go on. Shine.

I was stumped trying to figure out how to embed the YouTube video, so I'm accepting tutoring. Here's the link.


  1. The butterfly looks great! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  2. Very nice painting; and your description is great - never knew all that stuff.

  3. A very poignant painting and a powerful message to go with it,, touching Barbara!