Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Actual Developments

 I have a website.  This is it.  https://www.barbarafieldpaints.com

I may move my blogging over the FASO platform too, although I feel some fondness and pangs of nostalgia for this old thing.  

We are months into the Covid-19 pandemic, which has put a hold on meeting with my Saturday outdoor painting group.  I've continued to stay in touch with the painting group, because I want to know how to find them when it's time to go out and paint again with them.  Also the best way not to get resentful about missing out on stuff is to try to compensate with other stuff you can do.  I've been setting weekly challenges for myself and the group so that I keep painting on Saturdays and sharing paintings with other painters.  So anyway, if you happen by here and are interested in joining the Saturday painting group, you are no longer constrained by geography or discomfort about public painting.  Let me know.  You know how to find me.  


  1. Love the koi painting. You showed up today on my blog roll so I'm glad you are continuing to paint and share what you are doing. I will check out your site. Hope all is well and ...seeing your name...reminds me it has been ages since I've been to Pasadena area. Just the other day I was hoping for a trip to Huntington Gardens but right now i see they are only allowing visits into the gardens not the buildings.