Saturday, January 22, 2011

Judson Studios

I called ahead to make sure it was okay for us to paint at the grounds of Judson Studios. I was referred to a gentleman and I left two phone numbers and never heard back. I figured it was okay anyway; I'd poked around there before when they weren't open. It turned out Mr. Judson was home. The most recent Mr. Judson. He didn't run us off, and he didn't make conversation. He just went about his business and left us to ours.

The family has been making stained glass in California for five generations. A hundred years ago, the Judson Studios building was the School of Fine Arts of the University of Southern California. You'd think it would seem like a bigger deal, but it's tucked quietly away in a little corner of Los Angeles.

I painted a quiet little corner of the outside of Judson Studios. I think I did a fairly nice job with the values and colors. I even made a credible stone wall. Oh, if you knew how much I'd struggled with stone walls. I'm sharing some photographs too, to give you the bigger picture and some lovely details of the Judson Studios exterior.

In the afternoon I went to the Los Angeles Art Show. I'm nuts about this event, and might do a whole post about it another day. There, amidst beauties and wonders far too numerous to mention, was a painting by William Lees Judson, the great great grandfather of the man whose wall and plants I painted.


  1. What a lovely old building, your photos are great in showing the look and detail of the architecture. I really like your painting though. And you did good with the stonework. Very nice!

  2. I enjoyed this and the photos. YOu did a really good job and yes that's a nice stone wall! I will have to check this place out...

  3. The variations and contrasts on the hues are excellently captured Barbara, one of your best I would say!

  4. I've always really liked how you do stone walls!